कैनबरा / Meeting Place 

Canberra,  October 2020

The Meeting Place collection encourages cultural exchanges by experimenting with drape, silhouette and patterns found in the Asia-Pacific region.

Symbols and lines adorning each garment celebrate the sharing of wisdom through oral-culture, when knowledge was first carved into the ground or objects and then transferred into print.

The rawness and colour of Muga-Tassar handwoven silk represents the sand or earth on which these symbols were first drawn and remain a consistent foundation in the entire 2020 collection.

Meeting place hopes to remind people of the sacred role of creation, and that each shared story contributes to the diversity and cultural understanding of the environment they inhabit.



प्रियंका कौल

About Badaam & Priyanka Kaul

Founded in 2017, Australian brand Badaam offers bold assortments of seasonless clothing, designed to be worn in any country.

Priyanka, the founder of Badaam, believes in creating naturally made, small batch pieces that are honestly designed to remain classic and withstand trends.

The benefit of measured production has allowed the brand to experiment with new textiles and support different suppliers, blockprinting and handloom communities in New Delhi, Rajasthan, Kerala and Assam.

Since launching, Badaam has supported well-crafted and meaningful wearable object creation and storytelling. What started as a set of silk garments has now become a platform for borderless clothing and cross-culture conversation.

Australian National Capital Art residency / Design Canberra, Australia / Vogue : inVogue fashion / Grazia : 2019 Young Design Awards / Elle : Label feature / Frankie : Artist Feature / Lifestyle Asia : Sonam Kapoor / Hindustan Times India : Fashion edit / Verve : Beyond couture


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