Copy of Home


To contemplate, meditate or consider.

- Dhyaan


She knew we needed plants, the concrete was crushing the undergrowth.

People started to resemble their surroundings and wear the jungle made of rock, sweat and heat.

She felt the enormity of the structures around her and hustle of people. Staring, judging.

Badaam_ Alleyes_shirt_cotton.jpg

She walked closer to this natural space, it almost relieved her of the choke of pace. It was okay for her mind to sway in city and jungle. She breathed.


She stopped and touched the leaves she saw. A bit unfamiliar but real and grounding.

Badaam_ (144).jpg

This was her place of Dhyaan. A place to contemplate, meditate and consider.

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The Dhyaan series is rediscovering the importance of nature and nurturing in urban spaces. And the impact these spaces have on mental health and well being.

It considers structural elements and twists in our urban sprawl and the existence of unplanned pockets of plants and humans breathing in this space.